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Surya grew up in Tabanan. He was 5 years old when he started to take interest in the arts. His father and his grandfather are very well-known terracotta sculptors. Surya has been practicing with terracotta since before he can remember. In high school he focused on his painting, but in university he decided to explore again the realm of ceramics.

He has now mastered wheel throwing and has one of the smoothest throwing techniques we’ve ever seen.

Surya has been learning English and we’re very proud of him for his great progress.

He’ll be able to teach you in English but may be looking for some words from time to time.


Dalem is from an area called Sukawati, this area is known for being the centre for arts and crafts in Bali. Dalem’s mother and father were both artists, with skills being passed down the generations by Dalem’s grandfather. When Dalem was only 9 years old, he was already selling his drawings at school to his peers. His interest in ceramics began when he was in high school, and he furthered his knowledge in university. He won an award for being one of the best students in his ceramics art major.

He has been learning English and has made great progress.

He’ll also be able to teach you in English but could be looking for some words from time to time.


Ari has always considered himself an artistic person. Ari and his sister are both talented artists in a family of academics. When he was a young boy he would draw in his notebooks instead of taking notes in class. His mother loved to collect ceramics and since he was young he enjoyed playing with her ceramic sculptures. While playing with these sculptures, he always took interest in how they were made. He majored in ceramics in university together with Dalem and received awards for his sculpting technique. Ari is an experienced teacher having taught ceramics for 3 years and speaks good English.

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