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Coral Restoration Workshop

Kevala invites you to our coral restoration workshop. In this experience based workshop you will learn handbuilding techniques, suitable for all ages. You’re sculptures will be donated to marine biologists and 50% of profits will go to the Indonesia Biru Foundation.

Globally we have lost more that 50% of coral reefs and Indonesia is one of the most affected.

Between 30% – 50% Carbon Dioxide from the atmosphere is absorbed by the ocean. This has changed the ocean’s chemistry and its critical eco system. 

Coral reefs provide food for a variety of fish which, in turn, provide food for humans, over half a billion people depend on coral reefs for food, income and protection.

Our goal is to spread awareness of the environmental effects on our oceans. We want to make a difference where we can.


It started out as a small project when we visited Patina Hotels in Maldives, and now we expanded our collaboration with Indonesia Biru Foundation (IBF) to continue the program here in Bali.

IBF was founded by Andre Saputra, a coral specialist from Lombok in 2020. He and his teams vision is to increase the marine knowledge of Indonesian citizens, and tourists visiting the island he group up on.

IBF is home to the first coral lab in Central Indonesian as an aid for marine conservation and eco-tourism.

2 hours and 8 people max. Your finished piece will be fire ready to send by IBF from the factory after 12 days.

Price Rp 300.000/person – Includes 2 final pieces. 50% of the profits from the workshop will be given to IBF.


This is a non-refundable payment. Valid only one time reschedule bookings on each payment. Please come at least 15 minutes before the class started. If you are late, we can only add maximum 30 minutes. (subject to availability)

All of our classes are a small intimate groups, there will be maximum up to 12 people per class, unless other wise requested. We do accommodate private studio experiences upon request.


Clay is natural product and from time to time mishaps happen while the drying process is taking place. Be assured we will take utmost care to avoid cracks or irregularities. However if your piece is damaged, we will gift you a piece from Kevala Market of similar shape and size.

 Happy making!

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